[Guide] The first page to see for beginners

The steps to begin using Virtual Cast.
You may skip the topics you are already familiar with.


Order Page Description
1 Recommended spec and minimum spec for PC Check the specs required to play Virtual Cast
2 Supported VR devices Advice on the selection of VR device
3 Download Virtual Cast Steps to download
4 Launching Virtual Cast Steps to launch
5 How to use the title screen
6 How to stream on niconico live Steps to stream on niconico live
7 Stream on other platforms Configuration for streaming on other platforms

Follow the instructions from the step 1.

Controls in Virtual Cast

After downloading Virtual Cast and setup of the VR headset are finished, check out these articles to learn the controls.

Adding data to VirtualCast

See the guides above for learning how to add avatars, items and backgrounds to VirtualCast.

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