Upload an character (VRM) on THE SEED ONLINE

By uploading a VRM (character) on THE SEED ONLINE, you can use the character in various services that support THE SEED ONLINE.
This page describes the following:

  • Steps to upload VRM


If you already have an account for THE SEED ONLINE, access THE SEED ONLINE and login.
If you do not have an account, create THE SEED ONLINE account.

About the character (VRM) licensing

* Licensing page under creation

Uploading a created character (VRM file)

  1. Go to Upload.
  2. Select [Characters (VRM)].
  3. Drag & drop the character (VRM file) and click on [Upload].
  4. You will be redirected to the Edit Asset Information page.

THE SEED ONLINE release setting

  • Right after the submission, the release setting is set to [Not Visible]. It means the character can be seen or used only by yourself.
  • Characters set to [Will not be visible, but you can view from the URL] can only be seen or used by a user who knows the exact URL of the asset information page.
  • The [Visible] setting will allow the asset to be seen or used by all users.

Launch VirtualCast client software and link with THE SEED ONLINE.
Connect VirtualCast with THE SEED ONLINE

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