Use existing character (VRM) on THE SEED ONLINE

You don't necessarily have to create characters (VRM) by yourself as you can use existing VRMs on THE SEED ONLINE.
This page describes the following:

  • Find characters (VRM) and import
  • Remove characters (VRM)


If you already have an account for THE SEED ONLINE, access THE SEED ONLINE and login.
If you do not have an account, create THE SEED ONLINE account.

About the character (VRM) licensing

* Licensing page under creation

Find and import available characters (VRM)

  1. From the drop-down, select [キャラクター(VRM)を表示 (See characters (VRM))] to see characters.
  2. Select the character you want to use.
  3. You will be directed to the character information page. Read the license terms carefully.
  4. Upon understanding the terms, tick the [利用規約に同意する(Agree with the terms)] box, and click on [取り込む (Import)].

Find and import available characters (VRM)

When someone tweets about an character (VRM) from THE SEED ONLINE, a hashtag #TSO_ITEM is added by default. Therefore, you can search #TSO_ITEM VRM on Twitter to find interesting items. You can also see the list of publicly available items on THE SEED ONLINE.

Launch Virtual Cast client software and link with THE SEED ONLINE.
Link Virtual Cast with THE SEED ONLINE

Remove imported items

  1. Select the character you want to remove.
  2. Click on [取り込みを解除する (Remove from item box)] to remove the character.
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