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This wiki provides information on products of VirtualCast, Inc., including VirtualCast and THE SEED ONLINE, and other related subjects.

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For beginners

Naze Nani VirtualCast (Japanese articles)

Naze Nani VirtualCast

Naze Nani VirtualCast is a blog series where Ane-el-tan and Seed-san explain how-tos on VirtualCast in conversation format: How to stream with VirtualCast, How to use Vgifts. Articles are available only in Japanese (sorry).

Virtual Cast in general

Essential links Description
VirtualCast Download You can download Virtual Cast
The first step into Virtual Cast Begin Virtual Cast using VIVE
Twitter @virtual_cast Official Twitter (Japanese)

Objectives (general)

Objective Description
Change various settings (list of configs) List of Configurations
Connect Virtual Cast with Twitter to have comments fall from sky Integrate Twitter with VirtualCast
Use VIVE trackers How to equip VIVE trackers

VRM (Characters)

Essential links Description
VRM official Basic information on VRM
UniVRM.unitypackage Download a Unity package to create VRM
The Seed Online Upload VRM on the SEED and connect VC with it to use VRM

Objectives (general)

Objective Description
Set up a VRM avatar Create VRM
Configure the look in detail (MToonShader) How to use MToon the standard shader for VRM (Japanese)
Configure the swingables (VRMSpringBone) Configure swingable objects
Configure the expressions (BlendShape) BlendShape configurations


Essential links Description
VCI Top All information available for VCI is listed here
UniVCI.unitypackage Download a Unity package to create VCI
The Seed Online Upload VCI on the SEED and connect VC with it to use VRM

Objectives (Item)

Objective Description
Know what is possible What is possible with VCI
Use existing items *No need to create Use existing VCIs on the SEED
Create VCI for the first time Installation of VCI development environment
Learn the basics of VCI script (Lua) Lua tutorial (VCIScript)
Use VCI script (Lua) Reference (VCIScript)
See examples List of VCI examples
Join developers community VCI Developers Discord
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