Create your first VCI

Follow these steps to create VCI for the first time.

From creating your own VCI to using it

1. Download & install Unity
2. Import VCI UnityPackage
3. Create and export a VCI on Unity
4. Create an account for THE SEED ONLINE
5. Upload the VCI to THE SEED ONLINE
6. Link Virtual Cast with THE SEED ONLINE

Note: If you choose to use VCI script, you need to go through more steps.


Order Page Description
1 Download & install Unity If you already have Unity installed, skip this step
2 Import unitypackage for VCI Create a project required to create a VCI
3 How to create VCI Summary of steps to create a VCI
4 Upload a VCI on THE SEED ONLINE To use a VCI,
you need to upload the data on THE SEED ONLINE
5 Link VirtualCast with THE SEED ONLINE Finally, link Virtual Cast with THE SEED ONLINE to complete the steps to use VCI
To use VCI script
6 Install VCI script development environment If you want to use scripts, install VSCode
7 VCI script tutorial Steps to to run scripts in Virtual Cast
8 How to use debugger in VSCode How to use debugger in VSCode

Follow the instructions from the step 1.

Video tutorials

These videos are part of an article "VCI tutorial video released! (Japanese)."

[Beginner Tutorial] Getting started with VCI in 10 minutes (Japanese)

【Lua script】 Learn VCI in 15 minutes: Advanced (Japanese)

Efficiently debugging VCI

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