VCI SubItem Component (VCISDK)

This page is about the VCI SubItem component.
The SubItem is a component that defines the basic behavior of the VCI, such as its grabbability, scalability, etc.

VCI Sub Item

Attach this to all of the objects that you want to use as SubItems.
SubItem component is not required for objects that don't need to be moved nor controlled via VCI script.

Option Description
Grabbable Checking this will make the VCI grabbable
Scalable Checking this will make the VCI scalable with both hands
UniformScaling Checking this will limit the scale to preserve the XYZ ratio
GroupId Allows a user to retrieve the ownership of VCIs with the same ID


Checking this will make the VCI grabbable when the trigger is pressed on a controller.
Also, this will allow the execution of onGrab() and onUngrab() of VCI event functions when the VCI is grabbed.


Checking this will allow users to change the size of the VCI by grabbing the VCI with both hands and pulling out or pushing in the VCI.
This option is configurable when the Grabbable option is enabled.


Checking this will limit the scale to preserve the XYZ ratio.
(Which means all three scales are changed equally)

When this is not checked, each X, Y and Z scale of the VCI will change independently based on the movement of the hands grabbing the VCI.
For instance, when you pull the VCI in the Y-axis direction, only the Y-axis scale of the VCI is changed.


GroupID works as described below.
For detailed information, refer to About GroupID.

  • The default value is 0.
  • When GroupID is both 0, the process of ownership change will not be executed.
  • You get the ownership when you grab a SubItem.
  • The physics is calculated by the client of the user who has the ownership. Other users receive the calculation result and move the object based on it.
  • When grabbing a VCI and retrieving ownership, ownership of other SubItems with the same GroupID will also be transferred to the grabbing user.

The physics is calculated on the client of the user with the ownership. Then the result is sent to other clients.

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