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Collider (UnityComponent)

Summary of Colliders in VCI


Property Feature
Is Trigger When enabled, the Collider will be used as a detector to invoke an event.
Physical collision will be disabled.
Enable, if you want the objects to overlap with each other
Material By assigning Physic Material,
you can specify how the object behaves when colliders meet.
Center How far the origin point of the collider is offset from the origin point of the GameObject to which the Collider is attached
Box Collider
Size Size of the Collider (x, y, z)
Sphere Collider
Radius Radius of the Collider
Capsule Collider
Radius Radius of the Collider
Height Height of the Collider
Direction Direction of the height axis

In Virtual Cast, avatars and the floor have colliders attached to them.
To avoid hitting those, enable “Is Trigger”.

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