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What is possible with VCI

This page summarizes what is possible with VCI.

  • Components allowed in VCI
  • What is possible with VCI script (Lua)

What's possible with items (VCI)

Rigidbody & Collider

Objects with a Rigidbody component attached will behave with physics.
A Collider component detects collision, which can be used as a trigger to execute scripts.

Rigidbody (Unity reference)
Collider (Unity reference)
* Details on VCI components


You can make items grabbable by configuring components in a SubItem.
You can also use grab as a trigger to execute scripts.

Event functions


You can play a sound by attaching an Audio component.
Also, you can control the play and the stop of the sound by script.

Audio Source (Unity reference)

Message feature

VCI items can send and receive messages (communication) to each other.
In addition to the communication between items, you can also receive some messages from the system as well.
You can receive comment information from streaming services.

Message system

Script (Lua)

You can write and use scripts in VCI.
You can use various event functions as well as variables and some of the standard library of the Lua.
You can easily acquire current time and generate a random number.


You can join items using Joint components.
You can replicate various behaviors of things like punching bag and pendulum.

Hinge Joint (Unity reference)
Use joint to create swinging items

What can a VCI background do?

A VCI background can use Colliders and RigidBody.
It can be seen as a VCI with Collider and RigidBody only.

You cannot use other components or scripts.

What can VCI script do?

  1. Change parameters of components available in VCI (with restriction)
  2. You can use some of the standard Lua libraries
  3. Run event functions
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