Construction traffic control board

VCIs containing Joints created with UniVCI-0.15 cannot be properly loaded into UniVCI-0.16 or later. Make sure to use the latest UniVCI to export.

Use FixedJoints and HingeJoints to create a traffic control board that mimics the movement of a player.

Example data:

Unitypackage: panel.zip

Object configuration

Each object are configured as shown below:
Set hand_L, hand_R, shoulder_L, shoulder_R, arm_L and arm_R as children of the body.
GroupIDs for all objects should be set to 1.

We won't use scripts this time.

Joint settings

For this example, we will be using Fixed Joints and Hinge Joints.
When you grab and move an object with Fixed Joint attached, the rigidbody object specified as the Connected Body will move following the movement of the grabbed object. In this example, moving a ball will make the hand go up, go down and rotate.

On the SubItem “ball_L”, attach a Fixed Joint component and specify “hand_R” as the Connected body.
Likewise, for the SubItem “ball_R”, attach a Fixed Joint component and specify “hand_L” as the Connected body.

Attach a total of six Hinge Joints on “body”, “shoulder” and “arm” SubItems.
Place them on the center of shoulders, the center of elbows and the center of wrists, respectively.
Axes are all set to X=0, Y=0 and Z=1.

Set the Connected Body reference of the Hinge Joints attached to the body(1 and 2 in the figure above) to the shoulders.

Likewise, for the Hinge Joints attached to shoulders (3, 4), set the reference to the arms, and for the Hinge Joints attached to arms (5, 6), set the reference to the hands.

Component setting

Components for each object are as shown below.

For the SubItems, “body”, “ball_L” and “ball_R”, set the Use Gravity to OFF and Is Kinematic to ON.

Also for the children, “shoulder_L”, “shoulder_R”, “arm_L”, “arm_R”, “hand_L” and “hand_R”, set both the Use Gravity and Is Kinematic to OFF.

Otherwise, object won't work properly.

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