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A fan that spins when grabbed and stops when ungrabbed

Let's create a VCI that starts an animation when grabbed using onGrab(target),
and stops the animation when ungrabbed using onUngrab(target).

Example data:

Object configuration

Each objects are configured as shown below:

Create an animation

We need an animation that turns the fan, so let's create one.
Select the root VCI Object (The GameObject with VCI Object component attached). Open the [Animation] tab and select [Create] to create an animation clip.

There are several important settings when creating an animation.
The animation won't work if you forget these settings so be sure to configure them.

Component setting

Components for each object are as shown below.
We don't add anything to the fan and the base.

VCI script

function onGrab(target)--When grabbed
    vci.assets._ALL_PlayAnimationFromName("fan_rotate_anm",true)--Specifying true will loop the animation
function onUngrab(target)--When the hand is released
    vci.assets._ALL_StopAnimation()--Stops an animation
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