vci.me.GetAxisInput() (Key input)

Receive keyboard input with VCI.

List of keys

VCI control key Default key bind Script Available value
Forward Up Arrow vci.me.GetAxisInput().z Z = +1
Backward Down Arrow vci.me.GetAxisInput().z Z = -1
Left Left Arrow vci.me.GetAxisInput().x X = -1
Right Right Arrow vci.me.GetAxisInput().x X = +1
Up U vci.me.GetAxisInput().y Y = +1
Down I vci.me.GetAxisInput().y Y = -1
Key1 1 (Numeral 1) vci.me.GetButtonInput(1) true,false
Key2 2 (Numeral 2) vci.me.GetButtonInput(2) true,false
Key3 3 (Numeral 3) vci.me.GetButtonInput(3) true,false
Key4 4 (Numeral 4) vci.me.GetButtonInput(4) true,false

Summary of key input

  • 10 keys are available as shown above.
  • Key binds can be changed in Settings (Control) in VirtualCast.
  • The client must be active* to receive key inputs.
    * VirtualCast becomes active when the application window is clicked with the mouse cursor.
  • GetAxisInput() allows you to get the key inputs converted into XYZ axis format as Vector3 value.
    The value can be -1, 0 or 1. (Not an analog value of -1~1)
  • GetAxisInput() has value while a key is being pressed. When nothing is pressed, it has a value of 0.
  • Key inputs can only be received on the client which is running the VCI script.
    (When the Input is written under “if Is.Mine then”, the key input will be enabled on the client which spawned the VCI.)


Argument: number Return value: bool
Returns true when the button corresponding to the argument is being pressed. If not, false is returned.

    -- Show a message on console when Key1 is pressed
    if  vci.me.GetButtonInput(1) then
        print(" Button1 pushed")


return value: Vector3
Returns Vector3 that represents the state when the corresponding key is pressed for Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Up and Down.
When not pressed, the value is 0. When pressed, the value is either -1 or 1.

    -- The state of key is stored in the axis as Vector3
    local axis = vci.me.GetAxisInput()
    -- Show on console    
    print(" axis : "..tostring(axis))

Example script

function update()
    -- Get the axis input.
    local axis = vci.me.GetAxisInput()
    if axis.x ~= 0 then
        print(" X : "..tostring(axis.x))
    if axis.y ~= 0 then
        print(" Y : "..tostring(axis.y))
    if axis.z ~= 0 then
        print(" Z : "..tostring(axis.z))
    if  vci.me.GetButtonInput(1) then
        print(" Button1 pushed")
    if  vci.me.GetButtonInput(2) then
        print(" Button2 pushed")
    if  vci.me.GetButtonInput(3) then
        print(" Button3 pushed")
    if  vci.me.GetButtonInput(4) then
        print(" Button4 pushed")

An example that displays the result of each key being pushed on the console.

Example VCI

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