VCI update on Virtual Cast 1.5.2a


Updated MToon material support. Available shaders are Standard, Unlit and MToon.


Please re-export VCIs containing Joints in the latest version.

  • FixedJoint support added
  • Export of Joint parameters except for HingeJoint.Motor, BreakForce and BreakTorque are now supported (HingeJoint.Limits for instance)
  • Fixed a bug that imports a Spring Joint as a Hinge Joint.
  • Fixed a bug that could accidentally clear the Joint.connectedRigidBody.


  • Export of Interpolateb is now supported
  • Export of CollisionDetection is now supported


  • Fixed a bug that couldn't play a wav file with BitPerSample=24
  • Fixed a bug that couldn't play a wav file with 2channels
  • Playback of following wav file format is now supported
    • 44100Hz 8Bit 1ch
    • 44100Hz 8Bit 2ch
    • 44100Hz 16Bit 1ch
    • 44100Hz 16Bit 2ch
    • 44100Hz 24Bit 1ch
    • 44100Hz 24Bit 2ch
    • 48000Hz 8Bit 1ch
    • 48000Hz 8Bit 2ch
    • 48000Hz 16Bit 1ch
    • 48000Hz 16Bit 2ch
    • 48000Hz 24Bit 1ch
    • 48000Hz 24Bit 2ch

Now Grab and UnGrab comes in pair

When grabbing an object which you do not have ownership of, sometimes the Grab event didn't occur because you don't have the ownership. This issue is fixed in this update. The same goes for the state where you are grabbing but don't have the ownership.

After the update,

  • Grab event fires when the object is grabbed AND the ownership is acquired.
  • UnGrab event fires when the Grab state described above changes to Ungrabbed state, or when the ownership is lost.
  • Grab and Ungrab always fire in pair
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