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VCI update on Virtual Cast 1.5.3a

No update for UnityPackage.


  • OnUnuse event is added


  • When playing audio in a VCI, [System] > [Effect Volume] in Virtual Cast will be taken into consideration
  • Newly added vci.assets.audio
    • vci.assets.PlayAudio can still be used
  • vci.assets.audio can do the following…
    • loop play
    • PlayOneShot
      • Same audio can be played multiple times on top of each other
    • Volume can be set at the time of playing audio
      • The volume can be specified with a value between 0.0~1.0


-- clip name, volume(0.0~1.0), loop flag
vci.assets.audio.Play("clip", 0.3, false)
-- clip名 name, volume(0.0~1.0)
vci.assets.audio.PlayOneShot("clip", 1.0)
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