VCI update on Virtual Cast 1.6.2a

Reload of a script will be disabled by default

It doesn't have any effect if you are just using items. There is an effect on the feature to reload the change in the script while Virtual Cast is running.

Following features will be disabled by default.

  • Create VCI folder when loading a VCI.
  • When loading a VCI, copy the scripts written in VCI to VCI folder/_main.lua.
  • Observe the updates of the target VCI folder/main.lua and reload it when updated

The VCI folder exists in the following path.

C:/Users/__USER_NAME__/AppData/LocalLow/infiniteloop Co,Ltd/VirtualCast/EmbeddedScriptWorkspace/__VCI Folder__

To enable the features above, tick on the following checkbox and export the VCI again.

Bug fix

Fixed the issue: When a SkinnedMeshRenderer and a VCISubItem is attached to the same GameObject, the SkinnedMeshRenderer does not render.

Background VCI

  • Now a script can be run on background
  • Now a background VCI can have SubItem, Joint, Audio, Attachable, etc.; just like normal VCI items.
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