VirtualCast1.7.2a VCI update

The version of the VCI package is now updated to VCI v0.21.

Now you can perform operations on preset items with VCI.

  • Set functions such as moving cameras can be invoked only from the VCI spawned by the studio owner.
  • Currently, the items you can perform operations on are limited to the ones that are only spawnable by the studio host.
  • The information on the specs of the preset items can be found on Preset items in VirtualCast section of VirtualCast TOP.

VCI now supports playback of multiple animations


  • The recommended Unity version is now changed to 2018.4
  • Now the scale value changed by ScriptableObject in Effekseer is effective.
  • Added VCI template creation feature
    • In the hierarchy, right click >[VCI] to create the template GameObject.

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