VirtualCast 1.8.5d VCI update

The version of the VCI package is now updated to VCI v0.25. Be aware that after v0.23, you need to use Unity 2018.4.5 or above.

SpringBone feature added

  • For details, refer to the document below
  • Reference: SpringBone

Added feature to notify enter-leave

2/20 Note: There is a known issue where notification duplicates when there are many users in a studio. This is planned to be fixed in the near future.

Added GetTransform function in ExportAssets

By using vci.assets.GetSubItem, it has been possible to acquire ExportTransform instances from objects that are not SubItems (A SubItem is a game object with a SubItem component attached). However, the name and the nature are not agreeing with each other; therefore, we’ve added a new function “GetTransform.”

The nature of GetTransform function is the same as GetSubItem function. However, there is a chance that we will be banning GetSubItem function from acquiring ExportTransform from objects other than SubItems. Therefore, please use GetTransform function when acquiring ExportTransform from objects other than SubItem.

We’ve also added IsSubItem property to ExportTransform, which allows you to tell whether or not the object is a SubItem.


Data validation feature

We’ve added a feature to check for any invalid data before exporting a VCIObject. You can run validation from [検証 (Validate)] button in the VCIObject component.

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