VirtualCast 1.9.3c update

The version of the VCI package is now updated to VCI v0.28.
Be aware that after v0.23, you need to use Unity 2018.4.5 or above.

A component to specify the spawn position

Shared meshes

  • For details, refer to the documents below
  • Reference: Shared meshes

Support for TextureOffset and Scale

  • Support of TextureOffset and Scale for Standard Shader and UnlitShader has been added.

Other Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where AnimationClip is not set to the component when Editor Imported a VCI with Animation

Caution regarding the version difference of VCI

  • VCIs exported with UniVCI v0.28 can only be loaded with VirtualCast v1.9.3c or later
  • It will result in version mismatch error if you load a VCI created with UniVCI v0.28 into current (as of 2020-06-25) stable version of VirtualCast, v1.9.2(UniVCI v0.27).
  • For the relation of each UniVCI and VirtualCast versions, refer to VirtualCast UniVCI update table.

Caution when updating the version

  • Some script location has changed in v0.26. Please remove [VCI] and [Effekseer] folders before importing the v0.26 Package.
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