VIVE trackers (Full-body tracking)

In Virtual Cast, you can use 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 VIVE trackers.

Possible tracker configurations

# of trackers Tracker placement
3 Waist, feet
5 Waist, feet, elbows
7 Waist, feet, elbows, knees

When using trackers, the number of trackers you can use and their placement will be as shown above.

About the dongle connections

While you could connect dongles straight to a USB hub, this configuration is not recommended as this could lead to unstable connection.
It is highly recommended to connect the dongles to cradles and from the cradles connects to a USB hub.

Using the dongle

About the base stations

The base stations for Vive perform tracking by projecting infra-red light at a very fast rate.
Therefore, having objects with a reflective surface near play-area will lead to unstable tracking.
Existence of multiple base stations in the same area may lead to interference.
You can stabilize the tracking by covering the whole area with black cloth and putting on covers on base stations.

About wireless communication

VIVE communicates through 2.4 GHz radio wave. Try to see if Wifi or Bluetooth is interfering with it.

The trackers could cross talk in places like conference arena.
As a last resort, trackers and a PC can be connected with USB cables.

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