In VirtualCast, calibration is executed during character change.
Calibration is a feature to absorb the physical difference between the user and the character so that the motion of the character replicates the motion in reality as closely as possible.

Calibration for full-body tracking

  • Full-body tracking system allows you to move
    not only head and hands but also feet by using Vive Trackers.
  • To change characters when utilizing full-body tracking,
    face forward with your legs tightly closed and your arms stretched straight to the sides. (aka T-pose)
  • When you are not using full-body tracking, just using HMD and controllers, you do not need to T-pose.

Calibration with HMD and controllers (head and hands)

  • When you are only using HMD and controllers, the calibration is performed using the height of the character's eyes and the height of the player. * The user height can be set in Ring Menu or the start screen in VirtualCast.
    Enter the height of the player. * Height of the character's eyes are set by FirstPersonOffset value in VRMFirstPerson.
    Set the FirstPersonOffset to the height of the character's eye-level.
  • The specification is as of Version 1.8.1.


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