Basic controls in Virtual Cast

Left controllerRight controller
TriggerGrab items
Trackpad or stickLocomotion and turnFacial expression
GripUse certain items
Menu buttonShow Ring menu

Locomotion method

You can move and turn by the trackpad or the stick on the left-hand controller.
If you are susceptible to VR sickness, you can use teleportation method instead. See config.json for detail.

↑ ・ ↓ Forward/backward

Facial expression

Use the trackpad or the stick on the right-hand controller to change between the expressions registered in VRM.


How to grab items

Use the trigger button to grab and move objects such as name tags and comments.
Some items invoke associated actions by pressing the grip button while grabbing the item.

Grip controls
Comments Grip once to freeze the object in the air. Grip twice to delete the object.
Name tags
User icons
Some itemsUnique actions

Ring menu controls

Press the menu button on either left or right controller to open ring menu. You use the trigger to select and swipe elements of the ring menu. Press the menu button to go back one step.

Ring menu controls
Hold triggerSwipe the menu
Menu buttonGo back
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