About Rooms

The Room is a feature introduced in VirtualCast version 2.0.0.
In Rooms, your THE SEED ONLINE user name takes precedence over the nickname you typed in the title screen.
The nickname on the title screen will be used only when you are not connected with THE SEED ONLINE.
Rooms are great for playing and creating spaces with your friends without streaming videos.
Unlike Studios, a Room can exist even when the room owner is absent. You can chat with friends as long as you like.
Also, Rooms have collisions on walls and floors. You can create impassable walls and move up and down.
If you'd like to use Studios for streaming, refer to the studio page.


These pages describe the difference between Studios and Rooms and what you can do in Rooms.

Basic Operation

Basic controls in RoomsLearn the locomotion control for each control types, how to change facial expression, how to grab items and how to open the ring menu.
How to use items in RoomsHow to use items
Change your characterHow to change characters
CalibrationThe function to make character's movement match with your movement in real life
How to change locationsHow to change the rooms's location

Visiting other rooms

Methods of visiting Description
Public rooms Visiting publicly available rooms.
Room key Specify a room with a room key and visit it directly.
Favorites Visit a room by choosing a room from your favorites list.
History Choose a room from your history.
Link Visit rooms using links.

Creating locations for your rooms

The location tutorial provides you with a step-by-step guide on creating your location. You don't have to be proficient with Unity to follow along.

Publishing your room

You can publish your rooms to hang out with your friends in your own place.
As for now, you can have up to three rooms. Go ahead and publish your rooms.

releaseroom_makeSteps to publish your room
configHow to configure permissions on each rooms
running_editionAbout the stable and beta running editions
move_jumpAbout the walk speed and jump strength in Rooms

Privileges in Rooms

When you publish a room, you can specify privileges to each user regarding the entrance permission, VCI operation permission, etc. You can set this in config for each authority.

authorityDescription of each user type
adminHow to grant admin permission to an user
expulsionKick and block features

The ring menu

 Press the menu button to open the Room ring menu.
From the Room ring menu, you can change your character, change the location, move to other rooms, specify settings, etc.

Context menu

 You can also hold the menu button on the controller to emit laser from your hand and release the menu button while pointing at an item to open the Room context menu.
 The Room context menu is a different kind of menu that can specify settings for each item, such as the lock position setting.


In Rooms, you can spawn multiple instances of the same item.
For instructions on how to bring items from THE SEED ONLINE, refer to Use existing items (VCI) on THE SEED.

How to use items in RoomsBring any items from THE SEED ONLINE and use them in Rooms
monitorThe description of the monitor present in every room as default.
CameraYou can take pictures in Rooms and post them on Twitter.
The list of item in the context menuThe list of context menu items for each item.
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