How to use items in Rooms

From [My Items] in the ring menu, you can choose an item to spawn in the room.
Items that are unlocked can be grabbed with the trigger button.

Basic item controls

Basic controls (grab, use and scale) are the same as the Studio's.
For details, refer to item_operation
However, the attract control is different from that of Studio's.

Attracting items

From version 2.0.3a and on, you can attract items. When you point your middle finger toward an item within 3m, a white ray will appear from your hand.
In order to use activate the ray, you must also be looking at the item of interest.
When you point the white ray toward an item you want to attract, the item will start flashing.
Press the grab button while in the flashing state will attract the item toward your hand.

Registering My Items

You can use items (VCIs) imported from THE SEED ONLINE.
For more information on My Items, refer to Use existing items (VCI) on THE SEED ONLINE.
You can create multiple instances of a single item.

Context menu

You can open the context menu by touching an item of interest and long press the menu button. You can also open the menu using the ray emitted by holding the menu button.

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