Download VirtualCast

You can download VirtualCast from Steam.

Create a STEAM account

VirtualCast must be launched through PC game distribution platform STEAM.
If you do not have a STEAM account, create one by following “Create a STEAM account.”

Installing STEAM client

You need a STEAM client to launch VirtualCast.
If you have not installed a STEAM client, install it from here.

Use VirtualCast from STEAM

  • Launch the STEAM client.
  1. Select [STORE]
  2. In the search box, enter [VirtualCast] and search.
  3. From the search result, select [VirtualCast]
  4. On the VirtualCast product page, select [Play Game]
  5. A small pop-up will appear. Follow the instruction and configure required settings
  6. * After completing the VirtualCast download…
    From the [LIBRARY] tab, select [VirtualCast] in the left column and click [Play].


The distribution through STEAM began with the release of ver1.7.0a.
After switching to the STEAM distribution, the following have changed in VirtualCast.

  • config.json is now loaded from My Documents/My Games/VirtualCast/config.json
  • Movies and pictures are now saved in My Pictures

If your PC user name is set with double-byte characters, your user folder name is also set to double-byte characters.
It could lead to file read and write errors, so we recommend you to change
your user name to single-byte one.

Launch error due to anti-virus

When you cannot launch VirtualCast, there could be a conflict caused by anti-virus software.
If this is the case, please refer to:

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