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Cue card

You can import images uploaded to cloud storage like Google Drive.
Its function is similar to that of the whiteboard. However, the cue card is not visible to viewers and visible to the people inside the VR space only.
It is pretty handy to have your acting scripts loaded in the cue card. Also, the cue card can co-exist with the whiteboard, so it can be used as a secondary means to see images in the VR space.

Basic Operation

Operation Behavior
Scale with both hands You can freely resize in XY directions. (The depth is disabled)
Grip You can change the image forward and backward.
Laser pointer supported You can change the image forward and backward.

Visibility / Lock

Changeable from the context menu No
Spec. Invisible from viewers.
Changeable from the context menu Yes
Changeable from the context menu Yes

Embedding image, setting config.json

  • Upload images to cloud storage like Google Drive and change the share setting to state which anyone who knows the URL can see them.
  • To load the images into the cue card, register the corresponding URLs in VirtualCast’s settings screen.
    Add images to the cue cards
  • You can also load images by adding the corresponding URLs in the config.json.
    config.json settings for the cue card

Other specs.

  • You can use it even when you are joining studios hosted by other users
  • You can change the opacity of the cue card from the context menu. The value is between 0 to 100. The smaller the value, the clearer the cue card.
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