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Laser pointer

Laser pointer is used to operate items from a distance.
Some items do not support operations from the laser pointer.
The result of the operation differs between each item.

Basic Operation

Operation Behavior
Scale with both hands Disabled
Grip Varies depending on the selected item

Visibility / Lock

Changeable from the context menu Yes
Specification It is visible to viewers by default.
Changeable from the context menu No

Table of supported operations

Camera monitor Switch cameras
Squeaky hammer No
Microphone No
Handy camera Switch cameras
Tracking camera Switch cameras
Switching camera Switch cameras
Fan No
Mosaic No
Marker pen No
Whiteboard When images are loaded: Change the image forward and backward
○ Sign No
Display Move the mouse cursor and perform click
Cue card When images are loaded: Change the image forward and backward
Capture Short press to take photo. Long press for the timer
Light source No
niconico video player Use the UI
Video capture Switch between record and pause
Mirror No

You cannot use the laser pointer against a switching camera.
Use switching feature of other cameras, such as camera monitor, to switch from the switching camera to another camera.

Other specs.

  • You can use it even when you are joining studios hosted by other users
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