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  • You can draw on it with a marker pen.
  • You can save the picture drawn by long-pressing the grip button.
  • You can load images and use them for slide show by registering URLs in the settings screen.

Basic Operation

Operation Behavior
Scale with both hands You can freely resize in XY directions. (The depth is disabled)
Grip (long press) Delete the lines drawn with the marker pen.
Grip (Short press) Save the picture drawn on the whiteboard.
The save destination is C:\Users\USERNAME\Pictures\VirtualCast\Media.
The picture will be saved only on the computer of the user who pressed the grip button.
Laser pointer supported When multiple images are loaded, you can change the image forward and backward.

Visibility / Lock

Changeable from the context menu Yes
Specification It is visible to viewers by default.
Changeable from the context menu Yes

Embedding image

Other specs.

  • You can use it even when you are joining studios hosted by other users
  • You can also draw on it with your finger while making a hand-gun pose with your hand (The color of the finger paint is determined by the color of the marker pen you last grabbed.)
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