List of Ring Menu Features

Press the menu button to pop-up the ring menu.
You can use various functions, such as changing an character or joining another room.

Character Change


You can spawn items and use them in studios.
For details on how to use items, refer to Use Items page.

Custom Items

You can use items (VCIs) imported from THE SEED ONLINE.
For more information on custom items, refer to Use existing items (VCI) on THE SEED ONLINE

Change location


You can change settings related to the cast.

Permit entry

Checking this will allow guests to enter your room.
Entry is allowed by default.


You can change settings for each guest.

Add To Ban ListDisallow that guest from entering your studio from then on.
Be careful as there is currently no way to unban the user.
KickForce eject the guest from the studio.
VolumeChange the volume of the guest.


You can choose a studio to visit.

Copy Studio ID

Copy the studio ID of the current studio.

My Studio

Go back to your studio.

Previous Studio

Go back to the previous studio. If the previous studio has already been closed, you will fail to go back.

Specified Room

You can go to the room you specified in Destination ID field in the title screen.
You can also visit the off-air studio with this option.

Other Rooms

This will show you a list of studios currently live and open to visitors.
Select one to visit the selected studio. Please note that the studio you are currently in will be deleted. Therefore all guests present in your studio will be dismissed forcefully.

Broadcast Options

On Air

Start a broadcast.
Your room detail will be shown on listings on Virtual Cast official site as well.

Off Air

End the current broadcast.
The studio itself will remain there even after the broadcast is ended. Therefore you have time to say goodbye to your guests.

"niconama" Settings

ExtendExtend the current niconico live for 30 minutes.
Host CommentSubmit the studio ID of the current studio as a host comment to niconico live.
You can choose a custom comment to post by specifying comments beforehand in the Settings in the title screen.
Reload BroadcastsYou can reload the broadcast detail of niconico live while in the studio.


Change the settings of Virtual Cast.

Quit options

QuitQuit VirtualCast.
The studio will be disassembled. Therefore all existing guests will be force ejected.
Be aware as the stream itself still continues.
Back To TitleGo back to VirtualCast title screen.
The studio will be deleted. Therefore all existing guests will be force ejected.
Reset and QuitReset the cache of VirtualCast and quit.
The studio will be deleted. Therefore all existing guests will be force ejected.

User Height

Set the height of actual self.
This value is used to calculate the difference between you and your character.


Mute MicDisable your voice chat.
But be aware streamers; this will NOT mute your voice on your stream.
Mic Input VolumeAdjusts the voice chat volume for yourself.
If you are streaming, you need to adjust your voice volume separately in your streaming software.
System VolumeChange the volume of VirtualCast system sound (the sound that plays when you open the menu).
Max Volume LimiterLimit the loudness of sounds other than the voice chat. When the loudness surpasses the set value, the entire volume will be reduced temporarily.
This is useful for preventing the sound blast from the niconico video player and VCI items.
Item VolumeChange the volume of items, including VCIs.
Guest VolumeChange the volume of voices other than yours.
Video Volume Set the volume for niconico video items.
This setting is not for the default volume of individual players, but master video volume.
When set to [Mute], you cannot hear a sound from the niconico video player regardless of its volume setting.


Settings to whether to spawn comments from communication services such as niconico live and Twitter.

Descriptionniconico liveTwitter
Show IconsSpawn users' icon images. YesYes
Send To VCISend the comments to VCIs. You need to enable this when using VCIs that receive comments. YesYes
Raining CommentsSpawn comment texts as 3D objects. YesYes
Show Comment CardsSpawn comments as word balloons. YesYes
Raining ImagesSpawn submitted images. NoYes
Raining Discs Spawn DVDs that play videos from niconico video corresponding to comments with niconico video ID (smXXXXXX). YesYes

Motion Filter

Offset the movement of elbows and knees to replicate more natural motion.
This feature is disabled by default, as some users may experience VR sickness from this.


Enable or disable the motion filter.

Parameter Settings

Arm CorrectionApply an adjustment (%) against the arm length estimated from the user height.
A user with a longer arm should set a higher value
a user with a shorter arm should set a lower value to optimize the motion filter.
Leg CorrectionApply an adjustment (%) against the leg length estimated from the user height.
A user with a longer leg should set a higher value
a user with a shorter leg should set a lower value to optimize the motion filter.

Bobbing walk motion

This adds up-down animation to your character while walking, allowing the motion to look more natural.



Change the locomotion method with a touchpad/stick from horizontal movement to teleport.
Press forward to show the destination pointer and release it to teleport to that destination. (Your character's movement will be interpolated)
Press backward to move one step backward.

Snap Turn

Change the rotation method with touchpad/stick to snappier turn that changes the direction instantaneously.
Pressing left or right will rotate your angle by 30 degrees to the pressed direction.

FOV Reduction

Movement Speed

Analog InputEnabling this option will activate the gradual transition of the movement speed depending on the distance of the finger from the center of the touchpad (On Vive Controller and Windows MR)
or with how far the analog stick is pushed in a direction (on Oculus, Index and Cosmos). When disabled, you always move at a constant speed.
Speed SettingsChange the movement speed for forward and backward movement.
When [Variable Speed] is enabled, this value is the maximum speed.
Rotation SpeedWhen [Snap Turn] is disabled, this sets the speed of the rotation.

Reload Character

Reload the current character from THE SEED ONLINE. This is useful for adjusting parameters for your character.

Adjust the height of the ring menu.

Studio Settings

You can change the settings associated with the studio. Only the studio owner can change the settings.


If you have your Twitter account connected with Virtual Cast, you can post images and videos from within Virtual Cast.
Here is the list of what you can post:

VCI Debug

Switch between show/hide of the VCI debug console placed in the studio.
This setting can be used only when the console is enabled in Display debug information in studio.

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