Install VCI script development environment

In order to create VCI script, you need to complete the steps in Installation of VCI development environment and installation of following programs.

Download required files


Download and install VSCode from VSCode.
VSCode is an open source text editor provided by Microsoft. (Wikipedia)
We will be using this for the creation of VCI script.


Follow the instructions on How do I install Java ? page and install Java.
We will need this to enable input assistance plug-in in VSCode.

Enabling VSCode Intellisense (input assistance)

Enabling Lua Intellisense

Note: Just to be sure, reboot the PC after the installation of Java.

Launch VSCode and on the left sidebar, click on the square icon (Extensions) to open EXTENSIONS window.
(You can also press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[X] to open the EXTENSIONS window.)
On the search box, type “EmmyLua” to add the plug-in.
The Intellisense (input assistance) for Lua is enabled.

Enabling Unity Intellisense

Before continuing with following steps, import the VCI into Virtual Cast and spawn it at least once.
Following procedure requires the path and the file that are created during the execution of Virtual Cast.

1. Launch VSCode and open the following folder by selecting [File] > [Open Folder…].

C:/Users/__USER_NAME__/AppData/LocalLow/infiniteloop Co,Ltd/VirtualCast

2. Open “EmbeddedScriptWorkspace” folder inside the path specified above.
Note: You have to replace the _USER_NAME_ with the User Name set for your computer.

If you could see [Types.lua] and [template.lua] loaded into VSCode, the Unity Intellisense is successfully enabled.

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